QUAVER Website Curriculum and App - Student Log-In

I'm so excited to be using our Quaver on-line component in our music classroom this year! Our school district adopted Quaver Music as our new music curriculum a few years ago. Each WOHE student has personal access to all of the student centered on-line activities, gaming, lessons, exploration, creation, etc. through our district provided subscription. There is also an app that is available for download via iTunes (see bottom pic below).

Please click HERE or on first picture of main home page below to learn more about this fabulous curriculum we use in our music classroom! There are so many things to explore in the Musical World of Quaver. From student interactives, Quaver Street on the main home page, direct assignments that can be assigned by the teacher, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Once you've clicked on the main homepage (see pic above), you will be taken to the log-in screen (next pic below). From there, each student will need to enter either their personal student Quaver ID code or their Quaver class code. These codes will be provided to you via e-mail format (or hard copy format) so that they remain secure for copyright and licensing purposes as we do pay to have this excellent resource for our students.   Click HERE to access a google slides presentation that will show you how to set up and log-in to your account. 

If interested, the Quaver App can be downloaded via iTunes for use on your personal device(s). The same learning materials/curriculum are accessible to students via the App using the same log-in codes they use to log-in to the main site.

Happy exploring, creating, improvising, and so much more!!!!

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