About Mrs. Kuchta

Hello!  My name is Erin Kuchta and I am the elementary music education teacher at Willard Orchard Hills Elementary.  I attended Evangel University for my undergraduate degree.  This coming school year will be the beginning of my 18th year teaching elementary music.  I teach using the Kodaly approach as I am certified in this fabulous way of teaching children the art of music literacy.

I have been married to my husband Troy for 21 years and we have two children, Taylor and Caleb as well as a mini pin puppy, Bella.   We reside in Springfield, MO. We are the typical sports family as both of our children are actively involved in their club sports teams, especially know that they are both teenagers.  We find ourselves doing a lot of traveling for ball teams and tournaments.  We love to travel in our spare time.  I have traveled to EVERY state in our country except Alaska, Oregon, Maine, and Washington!  I have also been to the country of Mexico twice and most recently on a cruise to the Bahamas where I was able to direct our districts' high school choir in a music festival aboard the ship.  Our favorite family vacation spot is Disney World.  I would live there if I could!!!

My two dream goals for my professional career are to 1.) be the singing voice for a Disney character in a movie and 2.) sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl!!  YES, I have BIG dreams!!!