Sunday, September 6, 2020

A new opportunity to help out the WOHE music classroom is now available!!  Mrs. Kuchta's music classroom now has a new Donor's Choose project posted.  Our music room is in desperate need of an up-to-date iPad.  Our current classroom iPad is a dinosaur...going on 10 years old.  It no longer supports Apple software updates, won't stayed charged, and likes to shut down randomly without warning.  We use our iPad daily, typically with just about every class in some form or fashion.  From recording projects, to music apps, to various record keeping, to story telling, and so much more, our classroom iPad is an essential tool for the functioning of our classroom community.  PLEASE consider helping!!  Every little amount get us closer to our goal!!!  Click the link her below to see the posted project via the Donors Choose website!

Music Room Technology Update: The Dinosaur iPad Must Go! 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

WOHE Music Dept. Spring 2020 Update

Hello my fabulous WOHE Musicians & Families!!

What a crazy time we are navigating through right now!! In this time of uncertainty I think it’s important to make sure we continue to make time to be creative and enjoy beautiful art and music together. My goal is to provide some musical activities for all ages that you can do at home during these days of family togetherness and bonding. Music has a way of uniting people together so let's take something that is already beautiful and make it a family memory. Pick whichever activities interest you the most! I will regularly be updating, adding, etc. to these lists of activities (via the multiple tabs up top on this blog homepage).  Feel free to choose more than one activity, as many as you'd like, but don’t overwhelm yourself.  Please make sure you are choosing activities that are grade and age level appropriate. If you have brothers and sisters at home, it might be fun to do these activities together! :)

Some of these activities are technology based and others are non-tech based.  I will try to update this list as best as I can while we go through this adventure together. I would LOVE to see any pictures and/or videos of your music making. If you send me an email or message, I will always send you a message back as soon as I am able to! I might even be inclined to make you a WOHE Facebook star :), with parents permission of course :)!!  You can email any photos and/or videos to  Be looking for announcements, lists, information to come within the next few days regarding all of these wonderful activities and resources that have already been added and will soon be added to this blog!!

Finally, be sure you are following me on this blog as well as my FB page along with our school FB page and website as most of my communication runs through these social media venues.  Please navigate through the page tabs on this blog homepage above to see all of the wonderful resources currently in place and the ones soon to come (in progress)!!!  This homepage will be your musical playground over the next many days to come and as well as the future beyond!!

  • At this time, discussion is taking place as to next steps regarding the rescheduling of the Kindergarten musical, "Three Nanny Goats Gruff" which was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 2nd. As soon as we have a plan in place, we will communicate that to our WOHE Family!! 
  • Kodaly of the Ozarks Honor Choir - Saturday performance April 18th.  With a disappointed yet understanding heart, I inform you that this event has officially been canceled per recommendations of the CDC, the local, the state, and the national government with the mandatory restrictions that have now been put in place.  This particular event will not be rescheduled, however, we are still working on trying to have the choir perform at WOHE's Fine Arts Literacy Night which at this time is still scheduled for Thursday, April 25th.  Look for further announcements to come regarding this event.  
Again, we appreciate everyone's patience and flexibility as we are all weathering these tides together.

Mrs. Kuchta
WOHE Music Teacher