The Art Of Kodaly: What/Who Is It?

In my classroom, it is a wonderful pleasure to see how the students grow musically year after year.  I can partially thank the wonderful methods and teachings of a famous Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly.  His methods, philosophies, ideas, etc. about how children are innately born with the ability to create music is what has inspired my teaching.

Music Educators, if they choose, are able to attend courses in which they are instructed in Kodaly’s methods and how to implement them into their own classrooms.  It has been so invigorating to see that this method truly does work.  My fourth grade students this year are pure evidence of that!!!  Come and visit us to see what I mean.

Please visit these links below to learn more about the teachings of Kodaly and his philosophy in music education.                           
1.  This website belongs to the local Kodaly of the Ozarks chapter, an affiliation of the Organization of American Kodaly Educator's, that I am currently acting president of.

2.  This is the National Kodaly website.        The American Folk Song Collection; Holy Names University
3.  This website has a wealth of information about Kodaly and his philosophies, teaching methods, etc.  It is also a wonderful resource to find repertoire to add to any Kodaly collection.

Here are Facebook keywords that you can use to connect/network with Kodaly teachers in the Southwest MO area as well as around the country.  Search these keywords, phrases when in your FB account to connect with us.
1.  Kodaly of the Ozarks; Facebook
2.  Elementary Music Educator's Idea Bank; Facebook