Mrs. Kuchta's Favorite Videos: Sing-a-Longs, Movement, Etc.

Here are some links to some of my favorite YouTube and other media channels.  Some are for dancing, some are for exploring and learning.  Some are for singing along with.  Some are informational/educational.  Feel free to explore, create, move, improvise, sing-a-long to any of these!!

1.  Appropriate for PreK and younger elementary.  This is a playlist for my music students to listen to songs and pieces we've done in the past and to be inspired by some good quality music from around the world!! I also added our breathing exercise/meditation in case it helps families stay calm inside

2. Barefoot Books - one of my favorite sites where you can sing-a-long with animated picture books!!!

3. Classical MPR - a fabulous site where kids can learn about, move to, & sing-a-long with classical music and composers.

4. Little Amadeus (Mozart) - excellent channel to introduce students to the young composer/musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

5. Disney on Broadway - explore the life of Broadway theater through the eyes of Disney.

6. Mother Goose Club - appropriate for younger students.

7. HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Channel - appropriate for younger students.

8. Early Learning Academy - appropriate for younger students.

9. The Learning Station - PreK - 2nd Grade appropriate.

10. Twin Sisters - PreK - 2nd Grade appropriate.

11. Music K-8 Plank Road Publishing - Music Concept Channel.  Adorable videos to help reinforce musical concepts!!

12. Music Express Magazine - wonderful variety of sing-a-longs, dance videos and so much more.  Appropriate for Kinder. - 6th Grade music students.

13. Have you ever wondered why birds sing?  What math and music have in common?  What posture has to do with singing?  This playlist of video's answers so many questions that you never knew you had.

14. RECORDER Playing for 4th Grade -

15.  Smithsonian Folkways - Children's Folkmusic Playlist:  Includes music from historical greats from our musical roots.  Lots of fun songs and interviews to listen to.

16.  Smithsonian Folkways - Music of the United States:  We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound. Folkways Records and Smithsonian Folkways have a long history of recording and preserving the musical heritage of the United States, with albums that focus on bluegrass, mountain music, protest songs, children's music, music from Native Americans, and much more. This playlist offers a number of videos from these different genres.

17.  Smithsonian Folkways - This playlist contains a collection of songs from the Louisiana musician and composer, Lead Belly. Lead Belly recorded with Folkways Records founder Moses Asch in the 1940s.

18.  Smithsonian FolkwaysThis playlist features Ella Jenkins, the "First Lady of children's music." Ella shares with children of one culture what she's learned from children of other cultures. She has gained knowledge and inspiration by performing and working with children on seven continents for four decades, and encourages active participation using music from diverse cultures.

19.  Smithsonian FolkwaysHere is a selection of Pete Seeger songs and interviews from the Smithsonian Folkways collection. Seeger began recording with Moses Asch in the early 1940s, and went on to record numerous albums and tracks covering a wide range of genres, from children's music to protest songs.

20. Smithsonian Folkways - This playlist is geared more towards early childhood and lower elementary.

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