About Mrs. Kuchta

Hello!  My name is Erin Kuchta and I am the elementary music education teacher at Willard Orchard Hills Elementary.  I attended Evangel University for my undergraduate degree.  In the past 5 years, I've had the wonderful pleasure and relief of completing my 3rd and final Kodaly Level to earn full Kodaly certification.  Woot-Woot!!!

I have been married to my husband Troy for 19 years and we have two children, Taylor and Caleb as well as a mini pin puppy, Bella.   We reside in Springfield, MO.  We love to travel in our spare time.  I have traveled to EVERY state in our country except Alaska, Oregon, Maine, and Washington!  I have also been to the country of Mexico twice.  Our favorite family vacation spot is Disney World.  I would live there if I could!!!

My two dream goals for my professional career are to 1.) be the singing voice for a Disney character in a movie and 2.) sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl!!  YES, I have BIG dreams!!!